Photographic Tuition Cheshire and the North West

With the majority of people now owning a smartphone, photography is more accessible than ever before. 

Many of us dabble in photography from time to time, whether we're taking a group shot on a night out with friends or showing off our latest look on Facebook! However, taking the perfect photograph involves far more than standing in the right spot and pressing a button. If you'd like to take your skills further, why not sign up for a photography course?

Michael Evans is a skilled, versatile photographer with more than 40 years' professional experience. He is now sharing his expertise with the next generation of budding photographers with a series of photography classes in the Chester area:

Photographic Tuition with Michael Evans Photography 

The key to mastering the art of photography is learning to 'paint with light'! In fact, the word 'photography' is derived from the Greek words 'photos' and 'graphia', which translate to 'painting with light'. This is especially apt, as getting the lighting right is crucial to creating the atmosphere and telling the story of the perfect shot. 

Michael can provide comprehensive photographic tuition for students at all levels, from novices finding their feet with their first camera, to enthusiasts with some experience who want to further hone their skills. 

The aim with the courses is to provide students with the tools they need to create the shots they could only previously imagine. 

Shooting at night, panning with different shutter speeds and moving the camera during exposure are just a few of the techniques that can be used to create unique, beautiful images. Reflections can be used to present the world from a whole new perspective! As you master each technique, you'll be able to use them to your advantage to create striking images that truly stand out. 

Michael has delivered this training to individuals and corporate clients alike. When AMRI, an international chemical company sent their videographer over from the USA to work at their North Wales plant, Michael was requested to instruct her in the basics of industrial photography during her stay.  

Michael also accepts photographic commissions from other training organisations, one of which resulted in him instructing 4 members of the Duke of Westminster's AI breeding company on how to take corporate marketing and advertising photographs.  That was a very interesting day on the farm!  Another commission was to provide an experience in photography as the combination of art and science to a group of approx 30 Italian students spending a week at a Chester based language school.  

Photoshop Tuition with Michael Evans Photography

As an accompaniment to his photography courses, Michael is also offering Photoshop training within the Chester area. Photoshop is a powerful industry-standard image editing program that allows you to manipulate images as you wish. The software is fairly intuitive; impressive results can be accomplished with just a little training. Once you master Photoshop, you'll be free to create crisp, professional-looking images from your original photographs. 

If you are based in Cheshire or the North West area and would like to learn more about the tuition available from Michael Evans Photography, or book a course, call 01244 390 320 or 07870 447 113 today. 

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