Photographic Tuition Chester

Are you thinking about improving your photography skills? With Michael Evans photographic tuition in Chester, you can be sure to gain excellent photography abilities, learn great techniques and interesting photography methods throughout.

So whether you are a beginner wanting to learn how your camera works or the basics of lighting and composition or a competent amateur wanting to hone your skills or a small business wanting to produce advertising material for its website, there is always something to learn. Michael's photographic tuition is tailored to your needs, that's why you will not only improve your photography techniques but you will also increase your creativity levels by learning to use methods like:

  • Time Exposures for Night Photography,
  • High Speeds and Motor Drive for Sports Photography,
  • Using Motion Blur Photography to Create the Feeling of Movement,
  • Using Lighting to Create Mood in both Colour and Black and White Photography,
  • Controlling Distortion for Emphasis,
  • Differential Focus for Portraits,
  • Making your Landscapes Three Dimensional,
  • Controlling Depth of Field for Macro Photography [Close Ups],
  • Using Lighting to Create Shape in Architectural Photography and more.

Michael's photography tuition lessons in Chester, will help you understand the art of photography and at the same time help you decide what is important in your picture. You will learn to show the viewers exactly what you want them to see.

Once you feel ready and confident with your photography skills, you will also want to be able to master Photoshop, a very useful tool in correcting and manipulating your photos. If you require 1-2-1 private photographic tuition, Michael will be happy to cater to your requirements and schedule the tuition at a convenient time for you and customised according to your needs.

Here are the rates for Michael's photographic or Photoshop tuition lessons, in Chester:

  • three hour private tuition session - £150 for one person
  • three hour shared tuition session - £175 for two persons
  • 6x two hour individual tuition sessions - £395

If you have already received tuition from Michael then please check out the reduced rate available to you in our special offers section.

So, if you are based in Chester and you've decided to improve and develop your photography knowledge and you're looking for professional photographic tuition, give Michael a call today on 01244 390 320 or 07870 447 113 or send him an email at and he will be happy to discuss your requirements and schedule in your first tuition session.

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